Delegate John Mandt Jr was first elected for public office in 1996. He served a six year term on the board of the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation Committee. Over those six years John gained valuable experience in the political realm.  Since then, John was asked to run for local and state office.  As a father of three young children, the timing was never right.

In 2018, after his youngest had graduated high school, John finally answered the call and filed to run for WV House of Delegates, 16th District.  Again, his election was a success!

John’s district encompasses the Eastern half of Cabell County and the Northern part of Lincoln County.  Delegate Mandt’s district features 22 strategic miles of the Ohio River and also has railroad and access to I-64 which travels east and west.

Delegate Mandt was born and raised in Huntington, WV. As his father had done before, John started to work in his family business, Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs, at the age of 13. He is now the fourth generation to own and operate their 89 year old business.

John graduated from Huntington High School in 1981 and then attended Marshall University, majoring in business.  John is also the founder of the WV Hot Dog Festival, Huntington’s largest festival, which has raised $250,000 for the Hoops Children’s Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital.
John is a volunteer, always giving to organizations in his city and state.  He has worked with over 9 community organizations in the Cabell/Huntington area.

As a first year member in the WV House of Delegates, John has made a difference and serves on several key committees:

  • Vice Chair on Small Business and Economic Development
  • Judiciary
  • Seniors, Children & Family Issues
  • Select Committee on Prevention of Substance Abuse
  • Select Committee on Education Reform A

John and his wife, Ami, live in Huntington and have six children: Phillip, Trey, Abby, Briana, Sami & Mason.  We have five rescue dogs: Bella, Marlee, Aspen, Scout and Kali.  John & his family are active members at Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. John is a Christian husband, father and businessman. He is proud and honored to serve the 16th District and the great state of WV.

1) Make WV Business Friendly
2) Reduce the drug crisis
3) Find a solution for teacher’s salaries & PEIA insurance[3][4]

I am passionate about the three things I noted above. Let’s attract new business that isn’t in our state and offer an opportunity to locate to WV by allowing an income tax break for a certain amount of years. We can also offer tax credits. We need to increase our industry along with population. In doing this, the housing market will improve, schools will be full and more money will be spent in WV. All businesses will receive an uptick in sales. More people also means more tax payers in our state. The solution is, more tax payers, not more taxes. Let’s make WV a destination. By doing this, we bring in more tax payers which can ultimately help in funding teacher and public employee’s pay and insurance. Our teacher’s and state employees need to be fairly compensated along with being evaluated. It is a shame that the hardest worker’s, in general, are compensated the same as their lesser co worker. The drug crisis is another disrupting and crushing blow to communities, families and businesses. We have to take control needle exchange along with the drug paraphernalia that is included with the needles. We need to have effective rehab and work to get the users to be productive citizen’s. I am also PRO LIFE. We need to effectively reduce and eventually stop abortion. Especially tax funded abortion!

I look up to my dad. He is my hero and my mentor. I am the fourth generation of our family to own and operate our business, Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs. My dad set a great example for me and my sister. He is a very smart man. I ask his opinion and draw from his wisdom quite often.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Honesty, integrity and focus. It is important to listen and evaluate circumstances. Be strong and positive in decisions. Have the ability to reason and understand other points of view. Transparency is vital. Remember that you’re serving the people of WV. The people are NOT serving you.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
I have the qualities of which I mentioned in #14 above. I am honest, moral, focused, transparent. I listen, reason, evaluate and make decisions. I am confident and have lead people to success for many years through owning and operating my business.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
To listen, make sound decisions based on good judgement, be honest, provide transparency, and be a person of good morals and character.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
My legacy should not be bills I sponsor or write, but of good morals, honesty and character. I listened and reasoned, was well respected and when the dust settled, always a friend.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Our family business, Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs. I started at the age of 13. On May 8th, I will be 55. I’m the fourth generation to own and operate our business.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s a great time with family and friends. I enjoy the music, decorations and movies. I have such fond memories of family going through my head. In addition, I have sold Christmas trees for 28 years. I enjoy seeing friends and their families coming in to get their tree. I also buy my Christmas trees in WV which supports our state economy.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
The Bible. I use it every Sunday in church and I can always find an answer along with peace when reading it.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
My family is the most important thing in my house. They give me love, strength and support. They make me proud by their achievements and choices. My wife is my rock, my heart, my soul and the blood that runs through my veins. I am Blessed beyond measure.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
I am very OCD. It is tough for me to see clutter, etc. We have 6 children….enough said! lol[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Not at all. It was said that politics are different than business. I disagree. We need people to serve that have been successful in business, etc. Real life experiences that they have endured. Sound people that gather the facts and make a good decision based on the facts they gathered. There are too many career politicians that need to move on. We need fresh ideas, fresh enthusiasm and vision.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
As I’ve mentioned, growing business, drug epidemic and providing a good wage for our teacher’s and state employees along with their insurance. We have to find a way to fund it.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Respect and trust! We are all different. Understanding the goal and achieving it are very important for both the Governor and State Legislature.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Yes, for sure. We have to pool our strengths and ideas for the betterment of WV. We have to agree to sometimes disagree.[4]
—John Mandt Jr
Looking at population and geographic areas. We also need to make boundaries more clear. District 16 covers a lot of ground. It is on the west, north and east sides of downtown Huntington. District 16 also surrounds the town of Barboursville. There is no reason to chop districts up like this.[4]
—John Mandt Jr

I am always interested in learning and serving. I want to see how this process goes for me. If I like the House and do well, I would certainly consider the State Senate. I want to focus on the House at this time and understand the requirements for the job.[4]

Learn About the Issues

  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Pro-Business/Jobs
  • Pro-Lower Taxes
  • Pro-Educational Choice
  • Pro-Religious Freedom

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